The Top Bar Beehive - $350.00

The cedar Top Bar Beehive is an attractive bee hive for your backyard or garden. Raising bees in this hive will ensure pollination of gardens while helping to maintain our precious natural resourse...BEES! The Cedar Top Bar Bee Hive is designed to make raising bees simple and safe. The ease of use this hive provides allows for harvesting of honeycomb with little disruption to the hive. There is no need for a smoker or other expensive tools to maintain this bee habitat. The Cedar Top Bar Bee Hive is designed with the health of the honey bee in mind. The bees live in a natural environment, keeping their immune system strong. No pesticides or medications will be required to maintain the health of your hive, giving you chemical-free, organic honey. The Bee Hive comes equipped with a double-strength glass window and cover for safely viewing your bees. Dimensions of the hive are 34" L x 21"W x 15"H Weight empty is 32 lbs. Weight full of honey comb is approximately 100 lbs.



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Top Bar Bee Hive Accessories

Beehive Support Tool $30.00

This Top Bar Beehive tool cuts honey comb from the bottom of the hive and helps support heavy honey comb when removing from hive

Beehive Pry Bar with Blade $30.00

Beehive tool uses handle to pry top bars apart to cut comb free from sides of hive. No other tool out there works this well for top bar beehives.